Blake Guss

Blake has given lectures and guided meditation at many universities, corporations, and a like across the country. He has studied and practiced meditation extensively for over 9 years both abroad in Asia as well as in the US. It is his everyday work. “I am dedicated to help make the world a happier place to live for everyone.”

Pamela Brewer

Pam's meditation journey began about 5 years ago at Brooklyn Meditation center. Within a short period of time, she noticed improvements in her energy levels, mental clarity, and ability to handle stressful situations. These positive shifts, in time, brought forth profound changes in her overall quality of life. Having been so touched by this practice, she has found a new passion in helping share it with others through these public online programs. 

Lauren Guss

Lauren, meditation guide at San Diego Meditation center has been practicing this meditation for more than 10 years. She has helped guide many people in New Jersey and California, and is currently hosting the worldwide online meditation "Finding Hope Within" class on Tuesdays. She has done multiple workshops for hospitals, national cancer support programs, schools, companies, and a variety of community service programs. Her goal is to help the world to live a life free of stress and conflict and one of peace and coexistence. She hopes for many people to become complete and live as their true selves with true peace and happiness through this practice.

Nicky Tait

Nicky is an animal lover, plant mom, and jewelry maker residing in Berkeley California. Originally from the Big Island of Hawaii, she started this method of meditation in 2016 after she moved to “the mainland” post grad. After discovering such a simple and powerful method to unlock her own happiness she decided to become a guide at Berkeley Meditation, where her journey began, in order to help others in her community to do the same.


Our Staff


As we navigate through these unprecedented times, we warmly invite you to a special free, online meditation to release fear and restore peace within.

Schedule presented in Eastern Time unless otherwise noted:

Wednesday at 7pm & Saturday at 3pm 

Hosted By Blake & Pamela

West Coast Edition:  Wednesday at 7pm PT

Hosted By Lauren & Nicky

Let's Meditate

Live, Guided Meditation

What to Expect

A brief introduction to the purpose and premise of meditation, so everyone can begin their meditation with confidence.

A guided visualization meditation to identify and release - or “throw away” - stressful, negative, and burdensome recurring thoughts.

Q&A and discussion to clarify any points and encourage one another!

You will leave knowing how to clear and quiet your mind any time with this simple practice.