Maria Klein

With a deep conviction to understand the deeper meanings of life Maria has spent over 10 years meditating. And since then gratefully helping others eliminate burdens from the mind and find the truth within themselves.  Helping guide meditation to school groups, businesses, and classes in California, NY, and NJ. Maria studied Human Development with a specialization in Social Change. Always had a passion to make the world a better place.


For the past 18 years, Evan has been on a spiritual journey, during which time his search for inner peace led him to Finding Your True Self meditation. Since completing the meditation program in 2008, Evan has focused on guiding newcomers and trying to spread the good word. Join Evan every Friday night at 5pm EST for How To Meditate where he hopes to shed some light and share tips on how to Meditate.


Our Staff


Let's restart with a pure mind!
We have been accumulating stress for many years. When we throw all of that accumulated stress away, we are able to see everything with a pure heart. We can become grateful for everything in our life! Meditation offers an amazing opportunity to reflect on our lives and let go of all that we are carrying; an opportunity to hit restart and walk forward with new perspective and a pure and grateful heart.

Schedule presented in Eastern Time unless otherwise noted:

Wednesday at 10:30am 

Hosted by Maria and Evan

Meditation for Older Adults

Live, Guided Meditation

What to Expect

20 minutes of systematic releasing exercises to activate the body from head to toe.

Our “Best Health Dance” to move and invigorate the whole body.

Strength training exercises to build muscle, promote stability, and improve bone density (no equipment needed).

A holistic movement session for the mind, body, and spirit - leave feeling both calm and invigorated!