CJ Lee

CJ first started to meditate in 2004, it was the best way to release stress and anxiety! Also, it was so simple and easy to practice. Ever since then this meditation has been a huge part of her life and has helped find inner strength and understanding of herself and the world.

She always wanted to find a way to help others and this was the perfect chance. For past 10 years, being a meditation instructor, she feels lucky to have had the opportunity to work and travel around the world, including places like Sweden, Los Angeles, South Korea and more.

She was born in South Korea moved to the Pacific Northwest when she was fourteen years old. Since 2001, she has been living New York city. She studied Architecture from the University of Oregon. She has close to a decade of experience working as an Architect in Manhattan with a specialty in corporate interiors and is an avid fan of zombie movies and TV shows.


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Pour your morning tea or coffee and prepare to start your day off with a fresh, new point of view. This weekly book reading series aims to lighten your mind through words of wisdom from the sages. Tune in every Tuesday & Thursday morning to gain renewed optimism, a peaceful perspective and your daily dose of inspiration.

Schedule presented in Eastern Time unless otherwise noted:

Tuesday at 10:30am & Thursday at 10:30am 

Hosted by CJ

Words of Wisdom

Live, Guided Meditation

What to Expect

Casual, round-table introductions for those who want to share.

A free-form reading and sharing circle. Participants are welcomed to share enlightening and uplifting poems, passages, or quotes from any source.

Wrap up with brief reflection and Q&A.

Bring a passage to share or simply sit back and enjoy the positive messages - either way, you will leave feeling uplifted and recharged!