The Only Certainty is Uncertainty

By Siri Most of the time we like to feel like we can be secure in our expectations of how things will turn out but reality isn’t always designed to fit our expectations. When it doesn’t, it can test our ability to adapt and show us just how attached we are to our expectations. I […]

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The Way Back to Happiness

By Neal Why Happiness Eludes Humans Humans are born with an innate need to belong. As infants, we experience a feeling of oneness with our parents and close relatives, enveloped in unconditional love and acceptance. But as we grow older, we start to realize this acceptance now comes with conditions based on our behavior and […]

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection For Good

By Bonnie Rejection hurts. There’s no sugar-coating it. In fact, rejection appears to activate the same regions in the brain that physical pain does. If you’ve experienced it, you probably don’t want it to happen again. Why Do We Feel Rejected? Rejection is something everyone feels to varying degrees at different points in their lives […]

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