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Mental Health Wellness

Understanding Our Minds

This online course for mental health sheds light on the workings of our minds that usually remain hidden from our view, and yet often control us. During the weekly classes, Dr. Yu will explore the many conditions that are manifested in our minds, and their common roots in mental illness. She will show ways to uproot them and gain back our mental well-being and freedom.

Each week, she will cover a different topic such as anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, PTSD, ADHD, and more. These conditions are different, and yet, can be healed in the same way. Based on her extensive research on how meditation aids healthy mental health behaviors and resiliency, Dr. Yu will share these findings along with other scientific discoveries that shed new light on the subjects.

So please join us for a better understanding of yourself and to learn the tools that can help you take your life in a joyful and positive direction.

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Obtain powerful tools to achieve good mental health and live your best life.


Understand your mind and how it affects your view of the world and yourself.


Gain control of your mind to take your life in a more positive direction.

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Dr. Yu

Dr. Yu is a therapist and psychiatric nurse practitioner licensed in NJ. She is a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University and has many research studies published related to psychology and mind/meditation practice in children, students, and patients.

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