The meditation classes are for members only. The Zoom link cannot be shared with anyone who is not a member. However, you are welcome to share our free OME classes. It is best to let them register through our website and get the link directly.

Absolutely! Kids can understand and practice this method very successfully. Our kids program caters to those as young as 7, and they find meditation just as enjoyable and rewarding as adults. Sometimes they learn faster than adults.

No. The method is designed to be accessible to all people, regardless of education, age, experience with meditation etc.

The effects of meditation compound with continued practice, so we definitely recommend coming to classes as consistently as you can.

The one on one meditation is a personal consultation with one of our experienced guides. In this session you and the meditation guide can get to know each other better and you can share with them what benefits you would like to get out of practicing meditation. The guide can then help you to identify and release mind clutter to truly cleanse your mind. You can book a one on one Intro Session on our here.

You can start your meditation practice by becoming a member of Online Meditation Events or at your local center. By becoming a member you will be guided through the seven step method of this meditation practice. You have unlimited group meditations daily and one on one guided meditation once a week with your personal helper. To find out more, register for an intro to OME at this link.

Our meditation method is unique in which we use visualization to clear out the clutter we have accumulated in our minds. This clutter, made up of pictures of people, places and events from our lives, is where all our stress, burden, fears and thousands of thoughts come from. By clearing out these pictures from our mind we are able to experience freedom and see the world as it truly is, without stress, burden or fears. Our minds also become quiet and free from repetitive, unnecessary thoughts.

Try different positions and use pillows to help support your back or knees. For example, sitting against a wall with a pillow behind your lower back may help relieve back pain. Holding your legs straight out in front of you or bent towards your chest may relieve pain in your legs or knees. Experiment with different positions to help alleviate any pain you might have.

Don't be ashamed of crying. Allow your tears to flow. Our meditation method clears away emotions held back during your life. It is not unusual to cry at different times. As you free your mind from these trapped emotions the sadness will fade away. We are all practicing this meditation together. We all experience similar emotions from time to time so nobody is judging anyone else. We are all sharing the experience.

With patience you will accomplish your goal. Your guide will help you to overcome any difficulties that you might be having so please share your feelings with them. If time is a problem your guide can also find a schedule that suits you. If you stop meditating and later decide to try it again, you are always welcome back.

If you are having difficulty with throwing away, discuss it with your personal meditation guide that you meet with regularly. They can give you the guidance and support to overcome any difficulties.

Once you begin the meditation method you will become immersed in the process and you will not be bored.

In this method you don't suppress thoughts. You pull up the pictures that are stored in your mind, so that you can clear them. This is a more permanent solution to eliminating incessant thoughts.

It's ok if you're feeling restless during meditation. With time and practice the restlessness will go away.

Throughout our lives, we take pictures of every person, place and experience into our minds. Since these pictures are the source of all thoughts, the way to quiet the thoughts is to clear away these pictures. Our meditation method enables you to clear away all the pictures in your mind. As much as you clear away your pictures your mind will become quiet.

It's OK to get sleepy. Meditation helps you relax. Being guided keeps you focused and meditation will improve your sleep. You will find that your nightime sleep will become deeper and you will feel less sleepy during the day.

Any sitting position that is most comfortable for you. You can sit crosslegged on the floor, in a chair, on a sofa, or laying down.

Absolutely! People from all religious backgrounds use this method and find no conflict between this meditation and their religious beliefs or customs. In fact, many people report understanding the sacred texts of their tradition more deeply, as their mind becomes clearer.

Enlightenment is returning to your original mind before you began to see the world through all your individual experiences. It is not knowledge that can be accrued, but something that is revealed and known from within. As our true mind is revealed peace, wisdom, and vitality emerges from within. Once your consciousness expands beyond its confines and blockages, enlightenment is the state of pure awareness and energy.

Meditators experience increased satisfaction in relationships with friends, family, and co-workers. Overall, this meditation brings people, communities, and families closer together. Often family members and friends join after witnessing many positive changes in the meditator.

Throwing away is the systematic method of clearing our mind. The body is a recording device that stores one’s entire life in the mind as pictures. From those pictures comes forth tens of thousands of thoughts. The process of brining up these pictures and eliminating them is called 'throwing away.'

This is a very simple and easy method. All you need to do is follow the verbal prompts of your guide. The visualization will happen naturally and easily.

Some people have experienced the benefit even after one or two classes, for others it may take longer. It depends on consistency, sincerity, and time that you put into it.

Yes it is helpful to meditate with other people. It can be motivating, synergistic, and you can learn from others shared experiences. Sharing with a group can make your own experience stronger and more effective.

Meditators come from all professions and walks of life. Some people come to meditation seeking relief from depression, anxiety or other stresses in life. Others come seeking a deeper and more permanent state of peace and wisdom. With patient practice all are equally able to achieve lasting inner peace and joy.

Where you choose to meditate is up to you. It does require a quiet place without distractions where you can be comfortable during your meditation. Our centers provide and ideal environment for meditation. You can also create your own peaceful environment at home when joining your online meditation sessions.

The best time to meditate varies from person to person. Some people prefer the morning time when their brain is fresh and the day's activities have not started yet. Some prefer lunch time because it provides a break during the day. Still others prefer the evening, when the day is done and they can focus without distractions. Meditating daily at the same time provides a routine that is easy to stick to. And it is OK to vary your time at your convenience.

It always seems hard to set aside time for yourself in a busy day. Meditation offers you enormous benefits that are worth your time. Schedule your meditation at times of the day with the least distractions for you. If you find that you are too tired at the end of the day, schedule meditation earlier in the day. Make your own wellbeing a priority.

No yoga mat or special clothing is necessary, just an open heart and mind! While meditating you will typically sit for about 30 minutes at a time so we would recommend comfortable clothing.

You can use any position that you find most comfortable. Many people sit during the sessions. Some people prefer to stand or lay down. If you choose to lay down, however, you may become so relaxed that you may fall asleep, so choose your position wisely.

Nope. Just allow the breath to be completely natural. People are able to breathe easier and deeper because stress and tension are released with meditation. Energy and blood can circulate better as well, improving overall health.