Since March of 2020 we have been providing a large variety of free online programs to the public. Our meditation method has also been used with great success by organizations.

Guided Meditation Event for First Responders and Veterans at Coney Island

“I meditate every day, twice a day. It’s a powerful tool to really deal with some of the emotional trauma you deal with throughout the day.” says Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams.

Adams partnered with Brooklyn Meditation to guide a meditation event for COVID-19 essential workers, first responders, and veterans at Coney Island Beach, May 25, 2020.

This free workshop for essential workers was the kick off for Online Meditation Events (OME) to offer free online guided meditation daily for essential workers to combat the psychological toll of fighting COVID-19 pandemic related work.

OME continually offers free guided meditation online seven days a week at various times. Virtual guided meditation will also help you find restful sleep, eliminate stress, and even learn how to meditate.
May 25, 2020

BP Eric Adams Press conference calling NYPD to include meditation in wellness programs

In wake of recent NYPD suicides, BP Eric Adams joins patrolmen’s benevolent association, wellness experts, and advocates to call on the city to implement meditation and mindfulness training for all police officers.
July 12, 2019