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Online Meditation Events is a network of experienced volunteer meditation instructors, with a common passion for helping people. We are ever inspired to share this simple and effective technique to reduce stress, improve well-being, and find harmony in one’s personal and professional life.
We are dedicated to helping people overcome their increasing day-to-day stress and live life to the fullest. We have carefully created a diverse set of free online wellness programs that offer a space for the world to connect and heal during these rapidly changing times.

Our Method

Our online wellness programs are based on a proven, systematic, and research-backed meditation method that helps release stress and find true happiness by cleansing one’s mind.
This method is remarkable in its effectiveness. It uses a simple releasing technique to actively cleanse our minds from past and present experiences resulting in targeted, efficient, and long-lasting improvements in all areas of life.



Relief from Worry & Anxiety



Reduced Stress



Improved Health



Less Anger & Irritation



Happier with Mind at Ease

Why Sponsor Us?

Help Improves People’s Lives
Those who practice meditation on a regular basis experience improved physical and mental health.
Uncover One’s True Potential
Through self-reflection, meditation helps people blossom into the most authentic version of themselves, as they rediscover their gifts and purpose in life.
Making Plan
Connect People
Free yourself from attachment to old ways and welcome new opportunities and challenges.
Create Healthy and Happy Communities
Eliminate the fundamental root causes of your stress and pain, then your mind will always be at peace.
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Promote Peace and Harmony in the World
Let’s build a world that’s guided by peace, wisdom, and the quest for mutual understanding. That journey starts within, one person at a time.
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Our Sponsors

AARP Texas has been a generous supporter of OME since 2020. We are grateful for their support. AARP was the first to sponsor our Yoga, Mental Health Wellness, and Older Adults programs. AARP is extending their support to Inspirational Talks and adding a new Tai Chi program. We greatly appreciate our partnership with AARP and the opportunity join them in serving the senior community.
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We have customizable company recognition on all of the platforms mentioned, and in addition, will work with you to tailor meditation and stress-management workshops just for
your organization, in gratitude for becoming a sponsor.

Download our Sponsorship Packet to see the details of becoming a potential sponsor.

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