many people attended world meditation day

World Meditation Day 2021

May 22, 2021

On Friday, May 21, 2021, something amazing happened.

Over 1000 people from 6 continents joined us for a worldwide meditation session

We organized the event in order to take one step closer toward healing the world. The whole world had been through a lot of pain during the last year and a half. Everyone is working hard to heal themselves and this was a fantastic opportunity to hear each others' thoughts, encouragement, and meditation experiences.

Beautiful and so very moving seeing people all over the world sharing their thoughts about the meditation. Everyone is so happy!

Bob, World Meditation Day 2021 participant

It was an amazing, interactive session where we got the chance to meet with meditators from every continent. We had a hilarious laughing meditation, learned how to heal ourselves to heal the world, then meditated together for each other and the world. Throughout the session, everyone from all over the globe felt powerful energy, peace, and unity at the same time. We ended the session with the Best Health Dance and shared how to say "Thank you" in every language that we could speak.

You can check out some video footage of the retreat from Blake's (How to Meditate, Host) Instagram profile:

The worldwide meditation this morning was so fabulous. Incredible. Thank you for telling me about it

Samantha, World Meditation Day 2021 participant

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